January 23, 2017

Mission #99, Day 1--Overalls

Despite their decline in popularity between the nineties and recent years, I never gave up my love for overalls.  They are comfy, amazingly utilitarian and now, thanks to Pinterest, very stylish.  This week we will be styling overalls and celebrating their excellence.  

These overalls are thrifted and I am pretty sure that these formerly belonged to a fourth grade teacher in the 80s.  But with the right accessories--glittery heels, a fur coat, cold shoulder top and cool aviators--they breath new life.  I wore this to a lady doctor appointment, just for funsies, and everyone loved it--mostly I loved it.  

Cold Shoulder Shirt-gifted
Fur Coat-vintage from Patrick's grandmother

January 20, 2017

Dear Frannie Friday--Monthly Subscriptions

I'm not making any resolutions because I suck at them.  But one thing I want to be better about this year is clothing purchases.  I want to tone it way down.  If I have learned anything from blogging it is that I can figure out a million ways to wear one item.  But I have also learned from following other bloggers is that there are a million pieces that I "need" to complete my wardrobe.  So I am trying to buy less clothing and use what I have.  Instead, I am going to focus more on household items as we start to finally be able to make some progress on our house goals.  So instead, I have been satisfying my purchases through monthly subscriptions.

One of the monthly subscriptions I have been most pleased with is Bootay Bag.  I first found out about Bootay Bag at a Denver Style Magazine event and I believe them to be Colorado local, or at a minimum a woman-founded small business.  Bootay Bag will send you two new panties per month at $12/month.  You are able to choose thong or never thong and the panties are so cute you guys.  I am horrible at necessity purchases, so this really helps keep my panty game on lock.  Plus, they give $1 from each monthly purchase to Melanoma research.  Win win!

The other monthly subscription I enrolled in and have been very pleased with has been Sol Theory.  For $20/month, I get sent a pair of sunglasses and one accessory.  I have been most pleased with each of my products and I am three months in.  For example, the sunglasses I was wearing in my post yesterday--Sol Theory.  The choker in Tuesday's post--Sol Theory.  Anyone who knows me or has even followed my blog for 5 seconds knows I am a major sunglasses whore--I wear them in every post and truly wear them everyday in real life.  I have incredibly sensitive eyes to sunlight.

Of course, I don't just have subscriptions to clothing places.  I've been a member of Door to Door Organics for several years now.  Door to Door Organics delivers a box of your choosing (extra small, small, medium or large) full of your choice of fruits, veggies or both either weekly or bi-weekly (also your choice).  I get a small box every other week for my family of 6 and there is so much in there!  The cost is $36, which is amazing for local, fresh produce.  You can chose what fruits and veggies come in your box and you can even order several other local/organic items such as deli meats, eggs, snacks and much more!

Jumpsuit-Forever 21
Cape Blazer-Amazon
Heels-Charlotte Russe 
Necklace-Charming Charlies
Earrings-Forever 21

January 19, 2017

Thursday Mixer--Leather Joggers

I first saw these joggers via Target's Instagram.  Immediately I thought they were amazingly cool looking and thought I could style the shit out of them.  When I started seeing a multitude of comments from others describing them them as "garbage bag pants" and saying how ugly they were, I immediately had to have them.

I paid full price for these babies at $25, but I have worn them 6 documented times, making the price per wear $4.17.  Not bad for garbage bag pants, eh?

Top Left to Right- 1, 2, 3
Bottom Left to Right- 1, Now,

Leather Joggers-Target
Chambray Button Down-Target
"Faux"nolos via Ebay
Bag-Coach, gifted
Earrings-Forever 21
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