April 20, 2015

Make it Work Monday #12

Two words: Man Repeller.  We all know her.  Highly successful blogger who is not afraid to go beyond the "norms" of everyday dressing, donning herself in designer labels head to toe.  Really her blog needs no introduction.  And while a lot of her work is controversial, her style has always intrigued me.  And so this look was inspired by one of hers--using Stylebook, of course.

This weekend was a doozy you guys.  We had back-to-back-to-back stuff from Friday morning until . . .  well we're still going.  Friday was Brielle's birthday.  Then she had a dance performance on Saturday.  Then my friend Steve's memorial service was after that.  Then we had Conner and Brielle's birthday parties.  Then we had a family BBQ.

It was one of those weekends where you say, and I hate when people say this by the way but it totally fits so I'm going to be cliche here and say it, you need a weekend from your weekend.  Up late in the night, back up early in the morning.  Prepping, cleaning, eating, driving.

But you know what?  I love it.  I really do.  And the only positive that comes from losing someone so young is that it really puts into perspective how amazing life is.  I am so busy.  I am so exhausted.  I am absolutely spent.

But I'm happy.  I have my kids--all in good health.  I have my husband who makes me infinitely happy.  I have amazing family and even though I don't get to see them nearly as often as I want to I have amazing friends too.

And in the scheme of things, who cares that I mucked up Conner and Brielle's cake that looked all crumbly?  Who cares if there is crap on my floors from the two birthday parties I hosted when the family BBQ starts?   What does it matter that everything is not perfect?

I have everything in my life that is important to me.  Everything that really matters.  And this weekend I was busy, but I was busy watching my daughter proudly dance on stage and helping a really amazing friend in her time of need and making my kids smile and filling their bellies with homemade donuts just like my mom used to make.  So really, it was a great weekend.

PS--Please visit the GoFundMe page set up for my friend Bekey and her family.  Every little bit really makes a huge difference.

Skinny Cargo Pants-Kohls
Halter Top-Old Navy
Studded Beanie-Target
Tennies-Keds, thrifted
Mirrored Aviators-Target

April 17, 2015

Mission #55, Day 5--HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRIELLE!!!

Well this is the last look that Brielle put together for me.  And appropriately I am sharing it on her birthday!  Yes, my baby girl is now 8 years old.  8!!!!  And just as I did with Conner a couple of weeks ago, here are my 8 most favorite things about my daughter (although, it is very hard to narrow it down to 8):

1.  Brielle's Independence.  From the time that she could walk and talk, Brielle could take care of herself.  She could do things all on her own.  I never had to do anything for her; once she learned to do it, anyone that tried to help was simply in her way.

2.  Brielle's Stubbornness.  This girl does not compromise.  She knows what she wants and that is exactly how she wants it.  My dad used to say "she'll decide" when she was younger and I wanted her to do something.  It was true.  She does not bend for anyone else.  Unless, of course, it is her idea.  And if it technically wasn't, she won't do anything unless and until you know that it is, in fact, her idea.

3.  Brielle's Responsibility.  Brielle doesn't break rules.  She follows directions to the letter.  If the recipe calls for 3/4 cup of flour, she will measure out exactly 3/4 cups of flour.  If her homework assignment says that she needs to read for 15 minutes, she will read for 15 minutes.

4.  Brielle's beauty.  I know it is kind of lame and materialistic to focus on my daughter's beauty, but seriously, she is a very beautiful child.  Dark skin, blonde hair, dark eyes and long legs.  I hate to say it, but she's gonna be a real stunner.

5.  Brielle's Love for School and Academics.  This girl loves learning.  She loves reading, she loves math, she loves everything about school.  In fact, I have been telling her for weeks that she is not allowed to turn 8 and she keeps telling me that she is still going to.  Tonight she told me that actually she cannot turn 8 after all because her teacher told her she couldn't.  Thanks Ms. Christie.

6.  Brielle's Sassy Attitude.  Brielle is tough.  I guess you have to be with four brothers.  Granted, sometimes her little 'tude gets her in trouble.  But secretly, I love how sassy she is.  This girl will not take any guff.

7.  Brielle's Tomboy/Girliness Combo.  For years when she was a little thing, Brielle was all about purple.  Over the past few years though, that has changed to blue.  She has never had a problem getting dirty or playing with gardener snakes or building with Legos and she has never had any interest in Disney princesses or dolls or playing dress up or anything like that.  I have to admit that at first I was a little bummed.  I never wanted Brielle to be someone or something that she's not and I definitely didn't want to push any of my girliness onto her, but she's my only little girl.  So I was kind of bummed that she wasn't into frilly dresses and never let me play with her hair.  Over the past year or so though, that has all changed.  She is more and more into clothes and hair--obviously because she jumped at the chance to dress me.  And even though I don't want to get too excited about it for fear that I am conditioning her to like things just because I like them, I do do a silent little happy dance when she tells me about things she's currently sartorially into.

8.  Brielle's Organizational Skills.  This girl has OCD just like her mother.  Every thing has a place and their place is usually color coordinated and in alphabetical order.  Her calendars are always on the right month, with the right amount of days crossed off.  Her clocks are set to the exact time.  Heck, even though I started labor with her on April 16th, she held on until her exact due date--April 17th--to be born.  Everything except her socks.  For some reason this girl's socks never match.  But I guess that's cool now.

 After having two boys, I thought I was destined to never have a daughter.  And very luckily, I was wrong.  People say that my daughter looks like me; I don't see it--she is way too beautiful.  But I do 110% acknowledge that my daughter acts exactly like me.  I have even caught her saying things to her brothers that I used to demand of say to my younger siblings.  This girl is going places.  You can be sure of that.  And I am so lucky to be there and watch.

PS--PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE . . . If you have a moment and a few dollars to spare, please be sure to visit the GoFundMe Page that I set up for my friend Bekey and her kiddos.

Light Pink Skirt-Express, thrifted
Light Purple Cardigan-thrifted
White Sleeveless Turtleneck-thrifted
Light Pink Heels-thrifted
Mint Bag-Target
Lace Leggings-Macy's

April 16, 2015

Mission #55, Day 4

Never underestimate the imagination of a seven year old.  This look also had a lot going on: spiked baseball hat, graphic print tee, silver oxfords, beaded belt and snakeskin bag.  However, this one was a lot of fun to wear.  I have to admit: I was impressed with this one.

I received some unfortunate news this week.  Let me give you some back story.  I moved from Longmont to Loveland in the middle of 8th grade.  I was shy and not good at meeting new people.  So I didn't make any friends during those last couple months of middle school.  And I went into high school friendless.

I met what would come to be one of my best high school friends, Bekey, in ninth grade.  We were always together.  She introduced me to Amanda, who was dating Patrick (my now husband) at the time.  In other words, I wouldn't be married to Patrick now had I not met Bekey.

Bekey and I remained friends all through high school and beyond.  We go in and out of each other's lives as we are both busy with families, but we are there for the important stuff.  I was a bridesmaid in her wedding, she was at my wedding, we have random dinners or drinks and such.  But we were both married and working and had kids.  She lived in north Colorado, about an hour away.  You know how it goes.

Well about a year or two ago, Bekey learned that she had cancer.  Through treatments and ups and downs, she finally found herself in remission a couple of months ago.  During her time with cancer, her husband Steve was right there with her--supported her, shaved his head with her when she lost her hair, and all the other great husband stuff.

Unfortunately, on Monday, Steve passed away unexpectedly in his sleep.  And Bekey, just getting "out of" having cancer, is now facing raising their two small children alone.  She and Steve would have been married for nine years in the fall.

Bekey's wedding in 2006

I have set up a GoFundMe page for her.  I know that we are kind of bombarded with these but really if you can spare just even $10 (a coffee break), it can really make a difference for one small family going through a really tough time.  My thoughts are with you Bekey Wekey!

 From my wedding 2012

White Pencil Skirt-thrifted
Graphic Tee-gifted
Silver Oxfords-thrifted
Spiked Baseball Hat-Amazon
Beaded Belt-gifted 
Earrings-DIY and gifted
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